A Technologically Enhanced Jazz Duo

Cedar DougThrough the marvels of modern technology, the Miller & Cedar jazz duo have the sound of a full jazz quartet.  Utilizing state of the art sampling and sequencing, they have added bass and drum parts to complement their live guitar and saxophone performances.  This creates the opportunity for small clubs, restaurants, and coffee shops to present the sounds of a full jazz quartet without needing a large space or a large budget!  It also allows the performers to adjust their volume level to meet the needs of each venue – from intimate dining to outdoor festivals.

Doug Miller (saxophones) and Joshua Cedar (guitar) bring a combined 50 years of professional music experience to each performance.  They are both formally educated musicians.  Their musical repertoire represents the best of jazz – from the composers of the great American songbook like George Gershwin and Jerome Kern, to the giants of contemporary jazz like Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, and Chick Corea.  Each song represents the best jazz has to offer and will delight audiences of all ages.  So please listen to the samples and enjoy!

For Booking:  Doug Miller (408) 761-0374 • Joshua Cedar (510) 828-9571